From its nascent beginnings at the moment of conception to its final moments, human life is wondrous and sacred. As humans persons created out of love in the image and likeness of God Almighty, we are mysteriously and wonderfully made, and each moment of our life here on earth has intrinsic beauty, dignity and relevance. Yet, in our contemporary world there are an ever-increasing number of affronts to the sacred nature of human personhood; those challenges are especially palpable at the very edges of life- the intersection between life and death. This blog will be dedicated to exploring an authentically Catholic response to those issues, specifically the bioethical dilemmas dealing with matters between the nascent beginnings and natural earthly end of human life. Please join me, Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis, a degreed and classically trained Catholic Bioethicist, as we examine ethical issues Inter Vitam et Mortem– Between Life and Death.